It’s safe to say that you or a loved one suffers with some kind of pain. Let me guess. You’ve tried over-the-counter pain relievers. You might have even tried prescription medications. How about cortisone injections? Physical Therapy? And nothing worked! You still suffer. I hate to break it to you, but some of those things you tried probably actually DID work. They did their job of giving you a short-term solution – a temporary relief. None of those solutions were designed to FIX your pain. So what’s next? More meds or even SURGERY? Don’t panic. There are more options. Options that are exciting, cutting edge and EFFECTIVE! Regenerative Medicine (RM) is the future of health care, and we’re excited to offer it. Keep reading to find out how it could be a safe and effective treatment option for you.

It BUILDS tissue, not break it down. Did you know that cortisone, although anti-inflammatory in the short-term, actually breaks down soft tissue and weakens bone which then accelerates degeneration of joints? RM uses either your own cells or donated cells, injects them into the site of injury, and those cells can actually regenerative damaged tissue!
Give your kidneys and liver a break! Long term use of over-the-counter and prescription pain meds come with consequences. Kidney, liver and general digestion can be negatively impacted. What if you didn’t have to take those anymore because you FIXED the problem instead of putting a bandage on it every day?
Surgery isn’t a guarantee. Nothing in life is a guarantee. However, once you have surgery, there’s no reversing it. There’s no putting back your meniscus or taking the prosthetic joint out. What’s done is done. Now, can surgery be effective? Absolutely! But, wouldn’t you want to explore EVERY option possible before you go through with surgery?
Reduce your downtime. Who has time to be out of commission for weeks, sometimes months because of a treatment or surgery? Most of have jobs we can’t abandon or family that we care for! Or maybe you’re planning a trip, enjoy exercising or gardening, and the thought of not being able to do those things is depressing! RM has very little downtime, days instead of months.
RM is “natural” medicine. RM allows your body to fix itself using only cells: your own or the cells from a healthy, cesarean birth. No drugs, no surgery. We’re simply taking the building blocks of the human body and strategically inserting them in an area of distress. Minimally invasive, safe solutions.
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Don’t keep bandaging your pain. FIX it!

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