"Acupuncture is a truly effective therapy that provides significant pain relief."

- University of Maryland - Center of Integrated Medicine

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a 2000-year-old Chinese, healing art that gained popularity in the United States in 1971.  In 1996, the FDA approved the use of acupuncture needles as a medical device.  Now acupuncture is gaining more and more research to support its use.  With the prescription pain pill epidemic going on in the United States, acupuncture is being looked at as a safe, minimally invasive alternative to the use of drugs. Other reasons people seek out acupuncture are for menstrual cramps, chronic pain, infertility, nausea and discomfort associated with cancer, sinus problems and headaches. How does it work you ask?  Well, there are different theories from improved blood flow to blocking pain receptors in cells.  Either way, it can be concluded that acupuncture helps your body heal itself naturally. The minimal side effects include mild soreness and bruising, but even those are not common.  People who should consult with their healthcare provider before seeking treatment are those who are taking blood thinners, have a pacemaker, are pregnant or have a compromised immune system.

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