Antibody Testing

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Our COVID-19 antibody test is a blood draw kit and is provided by Diagnostic Solutions Lab. They are a laboratory specializing in molecular technology. Their COVID-19 test is highly sensitive and specific, and uses 3 molecular targets (2 nucleocapsid proteins and 1 spike protein).
The FDA has approved all of their validation data, and they have been listed on the FDA website as having a validated assay. They use RTqPCR technology, run on ThermoFisher QuantStudio analyzers,which allows their assay the ability to detect the virus at lower levels.
The real issue with Abbot (which is turning out a large number of false negatives) and any other POC tests is that the LLOD (low level of detection) is much higher than ours. These assays are FDA cleared for screening, but aren’t sensitive enough to use for diagnostic purposes.
These tests can be scheduled with our Nurse Practitioner and only cost $197

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