"The future depends on what we do in the present"

- Gandhi

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Chiropractors: More Than Back Pain.

A comment I hear a lot in the office, is “Oh, you do knees too?”, or fill in the blank with whichever joint you want. People most often associate chiropractic with low back and neck pain, but when it comes to other injuries, chiropractors don’t even show up on their radar. Why is that? I…

What Should You be Doing after Your Massage?

So, you’ve just finished your massage, and you’re feeling ever so relaxed and stress free. Now what? You rush back to work and head for the coffee to help bring you back up to speed? Take a nap? Maybe hit the gym? After every massage, I give my clients appropriate self-care on what they should…

What is a Health Coach?

Who can benefit from a health coach?  Everyone can. Take a quick look at the following people: A 42-year-old woman has a hard time staying asleep at night A 33-year-old man receives a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes A 50-year-old man who runs marathons is struggling with keeping his energy up while racing A 29-year-old…

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