"Nothing is so healing as the human touch."

- Bobby Fischer

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What to expect at your first massage.

After filling out a brief health survey, your therapist will take you to the treatment room where the two of you will review your information.  He or she will then instruct you on how to begin, either face up or face down on the table.  He or she will step out of the room, allow you a moment to get ready, and then return to get started.  Massage appointments typically last 60 minutes but can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 120 minutes depending on the condition and/or tolerance of the client.  It's not unusual to experience soreness after a massage.  Your therapist will discuss with you how to minimalize any discomfort after your treatment.


Massages can be purchased individually, or for those that want regular massages, we offer membership pricing when signing up for a one year contract.

1/2 Hour Massage

$37 per Session
  • • 25 minutes hands-on

1/2 Hour Massage

$37 per Session
  • • 25 minutes hands-on

1 Hour Massage

$68 per Session
  • • 50 minutes hands-on

90 Minute Massage

$98 per Session
  • • 80 minutes hands-on

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Massage Club Pricing 

Up to 4 members per membership.  Additional massages can be purchased at the discounted rate if already a member.

See our pricing below for more details!

One Hour Massage

$59 per Month
  • • Includes One 1-Hour Session
  • • 50 minutes hands-on per Session

2X - One Hour Massages

$110 per Month
  • • Includes Two 1-Hour Sessions
  • • 50 minutes hands-on per Session

* Requires 12-month Membership Agreement

Package Pricing 

5 Massages


10 Massages


* Massages good for 1 year*

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