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Losing weight isn’t easy, and it can be overwhelming for people who need to lose more than just a few pounds. Even more difficult is keeping the weight off after losing it. Fad diets don’t work for the long haul, and cause many people to gain back more weight than they were trying to lose to begin with.

Being overweight has a very negative impact on your health. People who are obese have a high risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, and high blood pressure, which is a leading cause of strokes. The statistics are sobering; according to the U.S. Surgeon General, 35% of women and 31% of men are considered seriously overweight, and 15% of children between ages 6-19 are overweight. Poor diet and lack of physical activity, along with genetics, are the main culprits for obesity.

Studies show that people who are overweight can benefit greatly from customized, structured physician-guided weight loss programs. “When we start a patient on our weight loss program, we begin with a consultation, an exam, and bloodwork,” said Kelly Lesemann, DC, MS and owner of Comprehensive Pain & Wellness in Morris. “We then follow up with a review of the results, and if the patient is healthy enough to move forward, we’ll start him or her on a customized program that teaches how to eat whole foods and control portions.”

The physician-guided weight loss program through Comprehensive Pain & Wellness is complemented with natural supplements, as well as weekly accountability meetings to answer questions, take and record measurements, and track a patient’s progress. “Our program is designed to guide our patients through healthy, sustainable weight loss that can be maintained after completing the program,” added Lesemann.

Consultations are free of charge, and can be scheduled by calling 815-942-8399, or by visiting www.comprehensivepainwellness.com. For additional information, please contact:

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